Our after-school tutorial program is another integral facet in engaging and developing
the youth we serve. We require our students to maintain certain grades to participate in martial arts
competitions and support them to achieve this through a program that offers homework assistance
and academic skill building. Through this funding, we are seeking to add an internet-based math
component that will provide an individually designed program for each child. We have identified an
excellent program, ALEKS, that has a cost of $179 per student annually. Currently, our after-school
tutoring program component consists of the following:
– Daily tutoring sessions are offered (scheduled prior to martial arts sessions) providing
homework assistance as well as academic skill building.
– Coordination with educators in our community helps our staff gain insight into the students’
progress with school curriculum and design our work with the student to support in-school
– YNMA staff solicit volunteer tutors from the nearby colleges to assist our students with
homework assignments and to serve as role models.
– We also recruit successful individuals from various occupations and talents to talk with
students instilling hope and the vision of personal achievement.
In this way we also assist
the students in developing academic and career networks to support their future endeavors.
The estimated Baldwin Village community population is 31,370. Our community is approximately
76.51% African-American, 13.92% Hispanic/Latino, 5.96% Caucasian, 3.08% Asian, and less than
1% American Indian, Alaska Native and Pacific Islander. There are over 6,078 children and youth
enrolled in area schools in grade levels K through 12.
With minimal resources, Youth ‘N Motion Academy, Inc. serves an average of 35 students per week,
and in the 2008 calendar year served a total of 45 youth. A survey conducted by Youth ‘N Motion
Academy, Inc. showed parents in the community were interested in enrolling approximately 130

students in our programs and, with requested funds, we hope to almost double our

client base

during the grant cycle to 60 students.TutorialsTutirilas

Keeping these important services to youth up and running is a joy, a commitment and a challenge!  In this past year, YNMA has more than doubled the number of youth being served —  touching the lives of 78 young people in our Tier III after school program and many others in our community-based work.

I have been working diligently with YNMA Board Members and staff to ensure the organization’s sustainability.  A key component to our success over the years has been the numerous hours of volunteer time that instructors, parents, and community members have dedicated since the organizations inception and which they continue to dedicate to YNMA.

Administrative and instructional staff have provided volunteer service hours valued at over $100,000 per year.  Community businesses have also donated time, money and in-kind gifts to our cause.  Many community members also assist YNMA member youth and their families in fund-raising efforts.  

Over the years, we have proven our ability to do more with less!  Please consider joining us and supporting us in our efforts to provide meaningful programs to community youth in need.  

Donations to YNMA are tax deductible.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

With Sincere Thanks,

Lindsay Ferguson

YNMA President/CEO